Thursday, April 28, 2011


Can you, you know, DEEP THROAT?  Have you always wanted to but just can't learn?  I have a few tips for you that works for me.  

First, I taught myself how to open and loosen my jaw.  I do this exercise a few times a day.  I open my mouth and move my bottom jaw back and forth a few times, and then up and down.  Try doing this now about 10 repetitions of each.  How did that feel?  That just loosened your jaw.  Now try it again.  It was a little easier this time, right?  The more you practice, the more your jaw will loosen and open up.

Another practice exercise you can do is use a banana, a cucumber, or a dildo and practice deep throating it just as you would your partner's penis.  Another great practice tool is a popsicle.  When you practice, it's best if you stick your tongue out all the way to allow the "penis" to go further down your throat. While sticking the tongue out, grasp it around the shaft, don't just let it hang there. 

Another thing that helped me learn is giving BJs while laying on my back with my head hanging off the bed upside down. I grab his ass and I move his hips back and forth so that it's me doing the penetrating. Once you get the hang of it you can let him do the penetrating. 

What you want to look for is a dildo that is realistic and average sized. Or, if you only have one partner get one that is closest to their size so you will be learn how to do it the best way for your partner. Penis sizes and shapes range so much. That's why I said if you have one partner, get the one most like him. But if you have multiple partners you want to use an average size so that you can at least be used to an average sized penis.

This would be a good one to practice on because it is an average sized penis. It's also priced very reasonably.  The only thing is that it is rubber, so it is soft, but firm.  Also you may want to give it a few good washes before practicing on rubber.

This is another good one to practice on because of the shape of it.  You could practice hanging your head off the bed as I explained earlier.  Men LOVE this position, especially when they get to penetrate you and fuck your mouth. It's also very reasonably priced.

If you want a dildo to feel the most like a real cock, I would recommend
 this one. It's cyberskin and will be the most life like dildo you can find. This one is average sized and would be great to learn on and have the realest feel of all.

There are many more, but this would give you a general idea of what to look for.  Go to and check out all of the realistic dildos to see which one would be best for you.  There are an endless number of possibilities to suit your needs.  And don't use it only for practicing!  You'll also get a realistic dildo for intimate time with yourself!  If you go to the site and place an order don't forget to put in coupon code T3W to receive 15% off your order!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Eden Product Spotlight: Cosmo's Truth or Dare Game

Want a really cool game that will get things in the bedroom fired up?  Try Cosmo's Truth or Dare Game.
Cosmo's truth or dare - Adult game
I was so excited when I ordered this game. After reading the reviews on it, I knew that this would be a game that me and my husband would thoroughly enjoy, and that we did. This game has 120 cards that are filled with Truths and Dares that are surely to get the two of you hot, horny, and ready to completely fulfill your partner. Each card includes one truth and one dare. It's a really great way to get to know your partner and find out things that you've always wanted to ask them, but really just didn't know how to. I have to admit, before we played I read the cards. Just anticipating what some of his answers to the questions would be was getting me hot! This is also a great way to introduce a little "kink" into your sex life. It's full of different scenarios and dares for you to do with your partner that you may not have normally done if you never really got too kinky in your sexuality before. This can be an opening door to a whole new sexual experience to you and your partner.

The rules of the game are pretty simple. You take a card, any card, and ask your partner whether they would like a truth or dare. Based on their answer, you ask them the truth or read the dare that they have chosen. They answer or preform the dare that was on the card. There really is no set "end" to the game. You pretty much end when ever you feel the need, or when things get too hot and heavy to be worried about what card or whose turn was next. This game is intended to be your foreplay, so enjoy it!

The cards are very durable. They are glossy and colorful, with a sexy snake skin pattern on the back. The box that is comes in is awesome for storage. It's durable and even has a magnetic strip to keep the box closed and to protect your cards.

You could play this game several, several times without going through all of the cards. These cards are designed to be your foreplay and believe me, you will definitely be ready to put these cards aside soon after a few of these risque dares have been completed.
As I said before, some of the cards were making me horny just anticipating what he would say or what was going to happen when he performed some of these dares to me, and me to him! I was already thinking of answers! Before I purchased this game, I wanted to know what some of the cards would read, and thanks to a couple excellent reviews I was able to get that. So I feel it's only fair if I do the same and share with you some of my favorite cards. 

"If you and I were to create an original sex move, what would you call it?"

"When I'm on top of you, what is your favorite part of me to watch?"

"Which PDA gets you worked up: if I give you a deep kiss, grab your butt, or brush my body against yours?"

"What's something dirty you've always been too shy to say to me in bed?"

"What outfit of mine gets you really worked up? Explain exactly what you like about it."

"Time to wrestle. Do your best to pin me down and make me beg for mercy."

"For the next 60 seconds, touch yourself like you'd like me to touch you."

"Pretend I'm a stranger in a bar. Try to pick me up and convince me to come home with you."

"Starting with my lips, kiss your way down my entire body, maintaining eye contact with me the entire time."

"I'm going to whisper one sexy command into your ear. You must follow it."

These are only a few of my favorites. There are a few in there that were a bit awkward, but you can easily skip the ones that you don't feel connect to you and your partner. Make this game YOURS.  This was a great investment to our sexual relationship. For under $10 we found a new game to entice our foreplay and also find out even more about each other and what turns each other on. There's no better way to get to know your partner than with this game.

Connecting the Spots...

I've always wondered how it is that this man, my husband, could possibly find a different way to make me cum every time we have sex.  Well, now I know.  No, he's not superman, he's just hitting all the right spots!  Well, maybe he is superman because no other man has ever hit those spots before!  Any way... you must be thinking, what the hell is she talking about?!  Well, let me give you a little lesson on the female anatomy that I just learned about myself.

What are the different orgams we have heard about all our lives?  The G-Spot Orgasm, The Clitoral Orgasm (C-Spot), The Anal Orgasm (yes, ladies, this IS possible), Nipple Stimulation Orgasm... those are about the only one's that I had heard of for a very long time.  But how many of you have heard of these orgasms?  A-Spot, PS-Spot, PFE Zone, Cervix (X-Spot), Uterine, Urethral?

I never knew they were defined "spots" until now.  But I can definitely tell you that I have experienced all of them, except the Urethral (OUCH!).  That seems like that would hurt a little too much.  So where are these magical spots?

We all know, or should know, where the g-spot is.  It consists of somewhat wrinkly tissue that surrounds the urethra and swells when a woman is aroused. It is located about 1 to 3 inches into the vagina on the anterior or top wall. When it swells it becomes filled with fluid and is thought to be responsible for female ejaculation during a G-spot orgasm. It depends on each woman how she achieves a G-spot orgasm. Usually it’s through using constant or intermittent pressure on the area, which can be done using fingers, curved toys, and even intercourse in certain positions.

Located further into the vagina, past the G-spot, between the bladder and cervix, is the A-spot, also know as the Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone. This is a lesser known spot but well worth finding. Not only does it produce mind blowing orgasms, but helps a woman produce vaginal lubrication. I’ve never had a problem with natural lubrication, and until I read about the A-spot, I didn’t realize this was why. Also this is what many, including me, consider a vaginal orgasm. The A-spot is also sometimes referred to as the Deep Spot. This is because it is rather deep and not always the easiest to reach. But it can be stimulated the same ways, and at the same time, that the G-spot is, by just going deeper with pressure or thrusting. It can be little harder to reach with fingers though, so a longer dildo or penis may be necessary.
Below the G-spot on the posterior side of the vagina is the PS spot or Perineal Sponge.It appears we also have erectile tissue there that becomes engorged and rubbing it can create orgasms.
Directly opposite the A-spot behind the cervix is the Posterior Fornix Erogenous Zone, also known as the PFE Zone. This is actually the deepest spot in the vagina, and not an easy one to reach, especially without hitting the cervix, which can be quite painful.  Everything has to be working exactly right to make it possible. Factors like positioning, how aroused the woman is, how large the man or toy is, etc, play into whether or not it can be achieved. I’ve found that I can only have this type of orgasm when I’m extremely horny, extremely primed, and in missionary position with my feet up over my husband’s shoulders so that he’s working the backside of my vagina.
Next there’s the X-spot, or the cervix. Almost all women know exactly what this is, and as I just said, if you hit this spot there will be quite a bit of pain. But if it’s gently rubbed it can be quite pleasurable for some women. Personally, I feel that there is no way that the A-spot and or PFE Zones can be aroused without the cervix being stimulated as well. So I think there is combination type orgasm going on in this type of situation. I could be wrong. It happens occasionally. But I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced a cervical orgasm without other parts of the vagina also being stimulated.
Though not specifically labeled as a spot, some women have uterine orgasms. They are described as being different from a vaginal orgasm. They are very short in length, extremely strong, and caused by uterine contractions and indirect contact with the uterus through thrusting From what I’ve read they are pretty rare. According to “Uterine orgasms are subjectively experienced as deeply and purely emotional, as they involve no rhythmic contractions of the pubococcygeus muscle. This measurable emotional change is characterized by a significant increase in oxytocin levels and an apnea response. This apnea response causes the larynx to temporarily suspend breathing during orgasm and then exhale explosively, resulting in vocal exclamations and gasping. To release muscle tension, this is often accompanied by physical reactions such as laughing, crying, yawning, or screaming.” I believe I have experienced something like this on rare occasions, but I really couldn’t say for sure.
A couple of related spots, or erogenous areas, are the P-spot (perineum) and the anal and rectal areas. All three of these areas contain a ton of pleasurable nerve endings, which combined or individually can create the most mind blowing orgasms you’ve ever had. There is a lot of debate on what specifically causes anal orgasms in women. Some believe they are clitoral orgasms because the legs of the clitoris reach that far back. Others believe they are caused by pressure created through the anus to the G-spot. But whatever causes them, they are amazing! Of course, care needs to be taken when playing in the anal region for cleanliness, lubrication, and taking your time to build up to being able to handle something as large as a penis. But there are plenty of slimmer toys that can be used for that, and they also can come in handy for trying double penetration, which in my opinion, is even better than anal sex alone.
Finally there are some other types of orgasms I haven’t mentioned. Some women can have orgasms from what is called the U-spot or urethra, also some can have an orgasm from nipple stimulation. Then there’s the whole blended or combination orgasms, which of course, is a combination of any of the above happening at the same time.
It is important to mention again that we are all different. Our bodies are different, and our likes and dislikes are different. So if something works for you….great! If not….move on to the next spot and maybe try again later. I didn’t have all these different types of orgasms right away. It took years of experience and experimenting, and of course doing those all important kegel exercises, to get where I am now. And hopefully even I haven’t reached the end of my search. The searching is what makes it fun, because once you think you’ve achieved your ultimate orgasm you wonder if there’s one even better.

And the winner is....

Alicia Guidroz!  Alicia, you are the winner of the free Petite Flowers Hibiscus Vibe!  Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your free vibe!

I'll have a new contest up shortly!!

xx Brandi Rouxxx xx

Friday, April 8, 2011

Making Time For Mommy & Daddy

I don't know about you guys, but I'm sick and tired of constantly hearing people tell new parents that their sex life has come to an end once their baby arrives.  Just because you have children does not mean that you can not still have an intimate, private sex life with your partner.  Take this from a mother of seven, yes, I said SEVEN children.  I can honestly say that our sex life is 100 times better than before kids.  Could just be the partnering there too, but hey, we still have seven children and we still get it on more than any of our friends, that I can promise you.  So, are you ready for some advice to keep your love life alive while raising those babies?   Well, ready or not, here it comes.

First things first, time.  I know you are probably saying in the back of your mind, "I just don't have time for sex."  Well honey, you have to MAKE time.  There's nothing more important in a relationship than intimacy.  If you don't have intimacy, you don't have a marriage, relationship, whatever you want to call it.  No one is expecting you to have the “ultimate” sexual experience every time, but this is too important of a measure of your connectedness to ignore. Sex is for unity, procreation and pleasure, so keep your priorities straight.  You need to make time for your lover.  Even if it means setting the alarm clock fifteen or twenty minutes earlier in the morning so you can have sex before you get out of bed, or going to bed thirty minutes earlier to have that quiet intimate time that you both so desperately need.  YOU have to make time for it.  It's not going to do it for you.  

Secondly, be spontaneous.  If the kids are behaving and watching TV, why don't the two of you go sneak off into the bedroom for a quickie.  If they are playing, tell them “Mommy and Daddy need to talk about the fun things that we are going to do for you but it’s a secret and we can’t be interrupted.”  The children know that unless it’s really important, they’ll leave their parents alone because whatever secret they’re planning is going to make their life happier.  Another great suggestion, code words.  The two of you make up code words or signals that let the other know that you want them.  I know one couple that have a code phrase to use just as an argument begins to get heated – “We’ve got better things to do!”  This is their signal to each other to meet in the bedroom at 9:30 for sex because they love each other dearly, that is why they married, and nothing else in the world matters more.  Get creative with it!  The code could include special music, gestures or something as simple as lighting candles when it is dinnertime. The code sends the message but also maintains intrigue and a special sense of sensual connection between parents who are also still lovers.

Third, mentally prepare yourself for your partner.  I know things get hectic during the day.  Yes, you have tons of thoughts running through your mind all day long.  But how many of those thoughts are of your lover?  How often do you take the time to think of your partner, or better yet, let them know you are thinking of them.  Take a moment and think about how he/she make you feel when they hold you close and tell you that they love you.  Think of how good it feels to feel their body next to yours.  When you do, take a minute and type them a text while they are at work just to say "I love you", "I'm thinking about you", or even better, "I want you."  And let your thoughts take over.  You'll be surprised what you can think of when you're in the right mind frame.

Fourth, TEAMWORK!  You two are a team and you have to work together to get things done.  Double-team the housework and other duties in the evening after dinner with the mindset that something great is going to happen later that night.  While you're washing the dishes together, flirt with each other to remind each other of what's to come!  Learn how to optimize the order of your house and plan ahead. Make a freezer pizza for dinner, leave the vacuuming, don’t worry about mating socks right now– there’s other mating to be done. Unplug the phone, lock the door, say no to outside requests, turn off connections to the outside world, and make a connection with your lover... just make sure you plug everything back in when you’re finished.

And finally, plan for at least one weekend a month alone.  Every couple needs alone time.  Send the kids to grandma's for the weekend, or have them schedule a sleepover for the same night.  Take that alone time and use it to your advantage.  And again, unplug that phone, turn off the cell phones, and have no outside interruptions from the task at hand... connecting with your lover.  Make this a special time for the two of you and HAVE FUN!

xx Brandi Rouxxx xx

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quote for the day:

"The irony of a blow-job:  Even though you've got her on her knees, she's still got you by the balls."

What have YOU done for your partner today?

I once heard somewhere that you should do at least three nice things for your partner every day in order to keep a good relationship going.  So that gets me thinking about yesterday, and the day before that... and the day before that... wondering, what have I done for my husband lately.  Let's see.  I let him sleep in.  I cooked for him.  I went to the store for him.  I fixed his dinner plate.  I picked up his dinner plate and washed it.  I washed and folded his clothes.  I kissed him.  I hugged him.  I told him that I love him.  And a few other things you may not care to hear about, lol...

Then I got to thinking, those are things I do every day.  What makes them so special?  Am I not doing my three nice things for him?  But wait, those are all nice things, aren't they?  Of course they are.  The little day to day things like that are what makes a marriage.  But what have I done FOR HIM?  No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn't think of anything that actually stood out to say that I went that extra mile to do something nice for him.  And for ME to admit that... WOW!  Shocking!

So now I sit here thinking, today I'm going to change that.  Today, I'm going to make sure I go an extra mile for my husband.  I'm going to make sure I do at least three nice things for him today, and continue to do that every day.  I'm not saying I'm gonna go all out and do something ravishing every day.  No.  I'm going to continue to do my "little things" and just try to do a little extra.  Maybe, give him a massage.  Maybe, bring him breakfast in bed this morning.  Who knows?  But now that it's on my mind, I'm gonna make it a point to try a little harder.

So what about you?  Think about what you have done for your partner in the past week.  Can you say that you went that extra mile and did at least three nice things to show them your love and appreciation?  If so, leave me a comment telling me what it was you did that was above and beyond those little day to day things.  If not, start thinking about what you can do today for him or her.  That nice little thing may make a huge difference in their day.

xx Brandi Rouxxx xx