Friday, April 15, 2011

Connecting the Spots...

I've always wondered how it is that this man, my husband, could possibly find a different way to make me cum every time we have sex.  Well, now I know.  No, he's not superman, he's just hitting all the right spots!  Well, maybe he is superman because no other man has ever hit those spots before!  Any way... you must be thinking, what the hell is she talking about?!  Well, let me give you a little lesson on the female anatomy that I just learned about myself.

What are the different orgams we have heard about all our lives?  The G-Spot Orgasm, The Clitoral Orgasm (C-Spot), The Anal Orgasm (yes, ladies, this IS possible), Nipple Stimulation Orgasm... those are about the only one's that I had heard of for a very long time.  But how many of you have heard of these orgasms?  A-Spot, PS-Spot, PFE Zone, Cervix (X-Spot), Uterine, Urethral?

I never knew they were defined "spots" until now.  But I can definitely tell you that I have experienced all of them, except the Urethral (OUCH!).  That seems like that would hurt a little too much.  So where are these magical spots?

We all know, or should know, where the g-spot is.  It consists of somewhat wrinkly tissue that surrounds the urethra and swells when a woman is aroused. It is located about 1 to 3 inches into the vagina on the anterior or top wall. When it swells it becomes filled with fluid and is thought to be responsible for female ejaculation during a G-spot orgasm. It depends on each woman how she achieves a G-spot orgasm. Usually it’s through using constant or intermittent pressure on the area, which can be done using fingers, curved toys, and even intercourse in certain positions.

Located further into the vagina, past the G-spot, between the bladder and cervix, is the A-spot, also know as the Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone. This is a lesser known spot but well worth finding. Not only does it produce mind blowing orgasms, but helps a woman produce vaginal lubrication. I’ve never had a problem with natural lubrication, and until I read about the A-spot, I didn’t realize this was why. Also this is what many, including me, consider a vaginal orgasm. The A-spot is also sometimes referred to as the Deep Spot. This is because it is rather deep and not always the easiest to reach. But it can be stimulated the same ways, and at the same time, that the G-spot is, by just going deeper with pressure or thrusting. It can be little harder to reach with fingers though, so a longer dildo or penis may be necessary.
Below the G-spot on the posterior side of the vagina is the PS spot or Perineal Sponge.It appears we also have erectile tissue there that becomes engorged and rubbing it can create orgasms.
Directly opposite the A-spot behind the cervix is the Posterior Fornix Erogenous Zone, also known as the PFE Zone. This is actually the deepest spot in the vagina, and not an easy one to reach, especially without hitting the cervix, which can be quite painful.  Everything has to be working exactly right to make it possible. Factors like positioning, how aroused the woman is, how large the man or toy is, etc, play into whether or not it can be achieved. I’ve found that I can only have this type of orgasm when I’m extremely horny, extremely primed, and in missionary position with my feet up over my husband’s shoulders so that he’s working the backside of my vagina.
Next there’s the X-spot, or the cervix. Almost all women know exactly what this is, and as I just said, if you hit this spot there will be quite a bit of pain. But if it’s gently rubbed it can be quite pleasurable for some women. Personally, I feel that there is no way that the A-spot and or PFE Zones can be aroused without the cervix being stimulated as well. So I think there is combination type orgasm going on in this type of situation. I could be wrong. It happens occasionally. But I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced a cervical orgasm without other parts of the vagina also being stimulated.
Though not specifically labeled as a spot, some women have uterine orgasms. They are described as being different from a vaginal orgasm. They are very short in length, extremely strong, and caused by uterine contractions and indirect contact with the uterus through thrusting From what I’ve read they are pretty rare. According to “Uterine orgasms are subjectively experienced as deeply and purely emotional, as they involve no rhythmic contractions of the pubococcygeus muscle. This measurable emotional change is characterized by a significant increase in oxytocin levels and an apnea response. This apnea response causes the larynx to temporarily suspend breathing during orgasm and then exhale explosively, resulting in vocal exclamations and gasping. To release muscle tension, this is often accompanied by physical reactions such as laughing, crying, yawning, or screaming.” I believe I have experienced something like this on rare occasions, but I really couldn’t say for sure.
A couple of related spots, or erogenous areas, are the P-spot (perineum) and the anal and rectal areas. All three of these areas contain a ton of pleasurable nerve endings, which combined or individually can create the most mind blowing orgasms you’ve ever had. There is a lot of debate on what specifically causes anal orgasms in women. Some believe they are clitoral orgasms because the legs of the clitoris reach that far back. Others believe they are caused by pressure created through the anus to the G-spot. But whatever causes them, they are amazing! Of course, care needs to be taken when playing in the anal region for cleanliness, lubrication, and taking your time to build up to being able to handle something as large as a penis. But there are plenty of slimmer toys that can be used for that, and they also can come in handy for trying double penetration, which in my opinion, is even better than anal sex alone.
Finally there are some other types of orgasms I haven’t mentioned. Some women can have orgasms from what is called the U-spot or urethra, also some can have an orgasm from nipple stimulation. Then there’s the whole blended or combination orgasms, which of course, is a combination of any of the above happening at the same time.
It is important to mention again that we are all different. Our bodies are different, and our likes and dislikes are different. So if something works for you….great! If not….move on to the next spot and maybe try again later. I didn’t have all these different types of orgasms right away. It took years of experience and experimenting, and of course doing those all important kegel exercises, to get where I am now. And hopefully even I haven’t reached the end of my search. The searching is what makes it fun, because once you think you’ve achieved your ultimate orgasm you wonder if there’s one even better.

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